Heredity, Development and Disease

Osmia bicornis ovary

Heredity Development and Disease

Our research

Our research focuses on fundamental mechanisms and translational research in animal biology. We study a variety of organisms to investigate fundamental processes of relevance to animal and human biology and disease. Among our interests are the molecular mechanisms, genetics, and genomics of animal and human states of health including nutrition, parasitic infections, congenital disorders, and cancer. We study a range of models from insects to mammals to understand animal behaviour and development. These include crop pests and vectors of disease.

Our research has direct application to the health and welfare of animals and humans with the improvement of livestock performance and crop pest approaches, through to the design of therapies to use in agriculture and medicine.

Academics in Heredity, development and disease

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Postdoctoral Researchers in Heredity, development and disease

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Research themes

In each of the themes below you will be able to find a list of key researchers who are working on different projects to tackle challenges.

We study the genetics, genes and genomes that encompass heredity; from bioinformatics and genome-scale modelling to transcriptional regulation and epigenetics.

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The regulatory programmes directing development from a single cell at fertilization through to complex adult animals with their elaborate behaviours are key subjects of research in our group.

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We study many elements of health and disease, striving to improve lifelong health and wellbeing in animals and humans from early development through to ageing.

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