Heredity, Development and Disease Themes


We study the genetics, genes and genomes that encompass heredity; from bioinformatics and genome-scale modelling to transcriptional regulation and epigenetics. Many HDD members are involved in genomic analyses of eukaryotes (NGS, RNA-Seq, WGS, MeSeq) and regulation of gene expression.

Ongoing research projects tackle important questions on the basis of epigenetic regulation (ED, AB, GMc) and gene expression regulation (IAH, AP) in animals. Transcription factors in gene regulation, differentiation, and cancer (IAH, SW) are under investigation. 

We are applying state-of-the-art CRISPR gene editing and RNA silencing techniques in enhancing our understanding of gene function and expression (IAH, REI, ED, AB, GMc).

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Dr Julie Aspden
Group Leader and University Academic Fellow in Pervasive Transcription

Dr Amanda Bretman
Lecturer in Animal Biology

Dr Elizabeth Duncan
Lecturer in Zoology

Professor Ian Hope
Professor of Invertebrate Developmental Genetics
Dr Glenn McConkey
Associate Professor and Group Leader
Dr Andrew Peel
Lecturer in Animal Biology
Stephanie Wright
Senior Lecturer