Heredity, Development and Disease Themes


The regulatory programmes directing development from a single cell at fertilization through to complex adult animals with their elaborate behaviours are key subjects of research in our group. The processes of evolution and development, along with the genetic and cellular mechanisms, are investigated with the model organisms Caenorhabditis elegans, Drosophila melanogaster and Tribolium castaneum (IAH, REI, AP, AB), as well as honeybees and aphids (ED). For example, the oscillating clock-like expression of segmentation genes in flour beetles is strikingly similar to regulatory gene expression during the development of the repeating structures down the human body (AP). 

We also investigate animal behaviour and the underlying neurological processes involved (REI, IAH, LC, AB, GMc). The consequences of genetics and gene regulation on the expression of phenotypes that control behaviour are a key element of our investigations.

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Dr Elizabeth Duncan
Lecturer in Zoology

Professor Ian Hope
Professor of Invertebrate Developmental Genetics

Professor Elwyn Isaac
Professor of Comparative Biochemistry

Dr Glenn McConkey
Associate Professor and Group Leader

Dr Andrew Peel
Lecturer in Animal Biology

Dr Stephanie Wright
Senior Lecturer