Heredity, Development and Disease Themes

Health and Disease

We study many elements of health and disease, striving to improve lifelong health and wellbeing in animals and humans from early development through to aging. Subjects studied include protein-protein interactions in breast cancer (SW), mechanisms of malignant hyperthermia (IAH), and neglected parasitic diseases such as malaria, hookworm, and leishmaniasis (RQ, GMc).

We also investigate important pests, such as those of economic importance that devastate crops and crop products including Drosophila suzuki, aphids, and the flour beetle Tribolium castaneum (AP, ED, REI), and pests that carry disease including Aedes and anopheline mosquitoes, carriers of Dengue and malaria (REI). The nutritional needs of livestock for growth, good health, optimal animal performance and wellbeing are investigated (HM, LC, HG).

The involvement of the microbiome in health and wellbeing of cows is one area of ground-breaking research (HG). Our members lead the Smart Agri-Systems initiative and the Centre for Innovation Excellence in Livestock (LC, HM).

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Dr Amanda Bretman
Lecturer in Animal Biology

Professor Lisa Collins
Chair in Animal Science

Dr Elizabeth Duncan
Lecturer in Zoology

Dr Henry Greathead

Professor Ian Hope
Professor of Invertebrate Developmental Genetics

Prof Elwyn Isaac
Professor of Comparative Biochemistry

Dr Glenn McConkey
Associate Professor and Group Leader

Professor Helen Miller
Professor of Animal Bioscience

Dr Andrew Peel
Lecturer in Animal Biology

Dr Rupert Quinnell
Senior Lecturer
Dr Stephanie Wright
Senior Lecturer