John Barr


Our research

Microbes are the most abundant life-forms on the planet, and represent a major cause of disease in higher organisms including man. Our research delivers ground-breaking insights into the fundamental biology of bacteria, viruses and fungi, and has a particular emphasis on understanding in molecular detail the mechanisms by which these agents cause disease and evade treatment. We harness our knowledge of these fundamental processes to devise novel approaches for the prevention and treatment of infectious disease, with an ultimate goal being to improve lives globally.

Academics in Microbiology

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Postdoctoral Researchers in Microbiology

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Research themes

Mechanisms by which microbes resist the effect of anti-infective drugs, and the discovery of novel antimicrobial candidates from natural and synthetic sources.

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Determinants mediating interactions between microbes and higher organisms in health and disease.

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Molecular basis for replication and pathogenesis of important human and animal viruses.

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