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Host-Pathogen Interactions

structural model of the musashi-1 protein interacting with Zika genome.

Pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi are in a constant co-evolutionary arms race with their hosts.

Using a variety of state of the art techniques ranging from structural biology, EM, live cell imaging and proteomics, through to studies in human tissue models and in vivo research, teams within SMCB are focused on gaining further molecular and cellular insights into these complex interactions between pathogens and their hosts. Research includes investigating the modulation of host cells by tumourgenic viruses (eg Kaposi’s sarcoma herpesvirus, adenoviruses and human papillomaviruses), understanding the pathogenesis and persistence of chronic viral infection such as hepatitis C, dissecting the activation of host inflammatory responses by fungal and bacterial pathogens, and investigating the mechanisms of infectious respiratory diseases to inform vaccine design. Together, our research is providing a greater mechanistic understanding of host-pathogen interactions, shedding light on multiple fundamental physiological processes, and thereby guiding the development of future therapeutic strategies.

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Key Researchers  
Dr John Barr

Identifying and characterising critical interactions between negative strand RNA viruses and host cell factors

Professor Richard Bayliss
Professor Eric Blair
Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology


Dr Thomas Edwards
Associate Professor
Protein-protein interactions; Structural approaches to understanding interactions between proteins from pathogenic bacteria or RNA viruses and host cell complexes
Dr Juan Fontana
University Academic Fellow

Host factors involved in viral entry; Influenza virus, Bunyaviruses

Professor Mark Harris
Professor of Virology

Hepatitis C virus and Chikungunya virus:  mechanisms of replication and virus-host interactions

Dr Andrew Macdonald
Associate Professor

Virus host interactions with small DNA tumour viruses

Professor Neil Ranson
Professor of Structural Molecular Biology


Professor Nicola Stonehouse
Professor of Molecular Virology
Picornaviruses replication and assembly; VLP vaccine development; use of RNA aptamers as molecular tools
Dr Martin Stacey

Understanding pathogen and host-induced inflammatory responses

Dr Andrew Tuplin
Professor Adrian Whitehouse
Professor of Molecular Virology
Identification of essential virus-host cell interactions required for oncogenic virus replication and transformation