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Cell Signalling

Crystal structure of Aurora-A (cyan) in complex with N-Myc residues 61–89 (red). (Courtesy of Prof. Richard Bayliss)

Crystal structure of Aurora-A (cyan) in complex with N-Myc residues 61–89 (red). (Courtesy of Professor Richard Bayliss) 

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Area of expertise

Professor Richard Bayliss
Professor in Molecular Medicine

Structural mechanisms of regulation in kinase pathways that control proliferation, transcription and cell division

Professor Alex Breeze
Chair in Biomolecular NMR

Structural and dynamic mechanisms of signal transduction and inhibition in fibroblast growth factor receptors

Dr Edwin Chen
University Academic Fellow

Our lab aims to understand the role of aberrant JAK-STAT signalling on leukaemic stem cell activity in the pathogenesis of haematological malignancies

Dr. Joe Cockburn

Understanding primary cilia and microtubule transport using structural biology

Dr Aysha Divan
Associate Professor

Cell signalling in epithelial cancers

Dr Thomas Edwards
Associate Professor

Protein-protein interactions of the Bcl family of apoptosis-regulatory proteins

Professor John Ladbury
Professor of Mechanistic Biology

Structural and mechanistic basis of pathological signal transduction by receptor tyrosine kinases

Dr Andrew Macdonald
Associate Professor in Virology

We are interested in understanding cross-communication between pathways that regulate cellular homeostasis and how these are perturbed in cancer

Dr. Takashi Ochi
University Academic Fellow
Structure-based molecular assembly mechanisms of centrosomes and cilia

Dr Natalia Riobo-Del Galdo
University Academic Fellow

Molecular mechanisms of canonical and non-canonical Hedgehog signal transduction

Professor Sreenivasan Ponnambalam
Reader in Human Disease Biology

Receptor tyrosine kinase signal transduction in primary and transformed cells

Dr Darren Tomlinson
Associate Professor

Understanding cellular signalling by modulating protein function and protein-protein interactions using Affimer reagents
Dr Stephanie Wright
Senior Lecturer
Cancer biology; targeted cancer therapies; eukaryotic gene regulation; protein ubiquitination; structural biology
Dr. Qian Wu
University Academic Fellow
Structural mechanisms of human DNA repair pathways
Dr Elton Zeqiraj
Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Control of cell signalling networks by ubiquitin