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Area of expertise

Dr Joseph Cockburn
Lecturer in Macromollecular X-Ray Crystallography


Dr Thomas Edwards
Associate Professor

RNA binding protein in negative sense RNA viruses; RNPs; M2-1; nucleocapsid protein; bunyaviruses; hRSV 

Dr Juan Fontana
University Academic Fellow in Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy

Virus structure; enveloped virus entry; replication factories and host-pathogen interactions; Influenza virus; herpesvirus; negative sense RNA viruses 

Professor Neil Ranson
Professor of Structural Molecular Biology

Virus structure; assembly; receptor binding; uncoating and host-pathogen interactions; positive-sense RNA viruses; double-stranded DNA viruses

Professor Nicola Stonehouse
Professor of Molecular Virology

Virus structure; assembly complexes (replication factories); positive-sense RNA viruses