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Engineering of Biomolecules

Engineering of biomolecules is at the interface of molecular biology, protein engineering and chemical biology.

Work within the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology aims to convert our understanding of fundamental principles of biology and biochemistry into useful tools, devices, therapies and diagnostics that ultimately benefit human life.

Activities in this area include the development and application of Affimers as molecular tools with diverse applications, the design of precision drugs as anti-cancer therapies, the discovery and exploitation of enzymes as useful industrial catalysts, and the hunt for, and manipulation of, new antimicrobial agents.

Our staff with expertise in these areas are listed below with further information available through their individual profiles.

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Area of expertise

Professor Alison Baker
Professor in Plant Cell and Molecular Biology

Biotechnological manipulation of the peroxisome 

Professor Richard Bayliss
Professor in Molecular Medicine

Chemical and genetic approaches that specify the pattern of protein post-translational modifications

Professor Alan Berry
Professor in Molecular Enzymology

Using protein engineering, directed evolution and chemical mutagenesis to alter enzyme properties including substrate specificity, mechanism and stereochemistry. 

Dr Glyn Hemsworth
University Academic Fellow

Understanding protein structure and function for application of enzymes for biofuel production and other biotechnology applications. 

Professor Michael McPherson
Professor of Biomolecular Engineering

Selection and engineering of Affimer proteins as research reagents and for development of diagnostic tests

Dr Alex O'Neill
Associate Professor

Generation and characterization of antibacterial proteins as potential therapeutics for infectious disease.

Dr Ryan Seipke
Lecturer in Bacteriology 

Engineering biosynthetic pathways of genetically encoded small molecules 

Professor Frank Sobott
Chair in Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry

Using mass spectrometry methods to investigate protein structure from sequence to folding and interactions.

Dr Darren Tomlinson
Associate Professor

Using protein engineering and phage display to isolate biomolecules (Affimer reagents) for binding to targets for diagnostics and studying protein function.