Cardiovascular research themes

Cardiac remodelling and repair

Our work in this area covers the processes of cardiac remodelling and repair in health and disease. Cardiac adaptions through remodelling and repair occur at multiple levels and throughout life. One highly-contested area of research is the extent of myocardial regeneration that takes place following myocardial damage, and the role of stem or progenitor cells in this.

A broad combination of approaches underpins our research: stem and progenitor cell biology; cardiovascular adaptations across the lifespan; super-resolution imaging of molecular changes in cardiac maintenance and disease; computational models of disease. We use a range of techniques from the molecular level, through cellular assays, to measurement of electrical activity in the intact heart using optical mapping.

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Key researchers in the area


Area of expertise

Dr Mike Colman
University Academic Fellow
Remodelling of channel kinetics/expression vs cellular and organ structure: relative contributions to impaired contraction and arrhythmia; computational modelling

Professor John Colyer
Professor of Biotechnology

Developing antibody probes for medical diagnostic applications (cardiorenal) and to understand pathological and physiological remodelling of the heart

Dr Sue Deuchars
Reader in Neuroscience

Spinal cord; neurogenesis; autonomic neuroscience; neuromodulation; electrophysiology; imaging; microneurography

Dr Izzy Jayasinghe
Lecturer in Cardiovascular Science

Using new super-resolution microscopy tools to observe pathological and physiological remodelling and reorganisation of cellular structures in the heart at the single-protein scale

Dr Matthew Lancaster
Lecturer in Exercise Physiology
Structural and electrical remodeling of the heart with ageing; structural and electrical remodeling of the heart with exercise training
Dr Andrew Smith
Cardiovascular stem and progenitor cells; cell differentiation and function; gene and protein analyses
Professor Ed White
Professor in Cardiac Physiology
Investigation of the changes in cardiac structure, mechanical and electrical activity in response to heart failure and the beneficial effects of exercise on these factors