Tissue Engineering research themes

Cardiovascular tissue engineering


Area of expertise

Dr Helen Berry

University Academic Fellow

My research group is focused on developing and evaluating biological scaffolds for regenerative repair and replacement of cardiac and vascular tissues. The primary aim is to produce superior implantable devices for tissue reconstruction in congenital heart disease patients.  These devices will delay the need for surgical re-intervention during childhood, increase immediate quality of life, and reduce the risk of functional deterioration that may lead to heart failure in later life.  The secondary aim is to deliver innovative solutions for restoring functional ability in adults suffering from heart valve degeneration or arterial disease. This will promote wellbeing in older age by helping people to stay active and productive for longer.

Professor Eileen Ingham

Chair of Medical Immunology

My expertise and international reputation is in the field of biocompatibility of medical implants, in particular the biological consequence of exposure to prosthetic wear debris (polyethylene, ceramic and metal particles), tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Research in the latter has focussed upon the development of functional acellular biological scaffolds from xenogeneic and allogeneic natural tissues.