Tissue Engineering research themes

Musculoskeletal tissue engineering


Area of expertise

Dr Jen Edwards

University Academic Fellow in Musculoskeletal Medical Technologies

My research focuses on the use of decellularised scaffolds for regenerative medicine, aiming to restore function in the musculoskeletal system and allow healthy, active aging. The main themes are around restoration of fat pads in the feet for diabetic patients and reconstruction or repair of torn ligaments. In addition to developing new materials, I am interested in exploring how these scaffolds regenerate once they have been implanted. This could help us find new applications for the technology and better understand what conditions are needed for successful repair of musculoskeletal injuries.

Dr Hazel Fermor
Lecturer in Musculoskeletal Regenerative Medicine

My group are researching tissue engineering approaches for the effective repair of early joint damage to prevent or delay the onset of osteoarthritis. Our focus is on developing, testing and translating two technologies; decellularised scaffolds and self-assembling peptides. The aim is to restore pain-free function to the joint upon implantation and enable like-for-like regeneration of the tissue over time.

Professor Eileen Ingham

Chair of Medical Immunology

My expertise and international reputation is in the field of biocompatibility of medical implants, in particular the biological consequence of exposure to prosthetic wear debris (polyethylene, ceramic and metal particles), tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Research in the latter has focussed upon the development of functional acellular biological scaffolds from xenogeneic and allogeneic natural tissues.