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Neural Circuits

Neural Circuits theme

The brain is composed of an interconnected hierarchy of neural circuits, with each circuit performing discreet functions, whether it is identifying an odour or generating a pattern of movement. Understanding what computations are carried out by each neural circuit and how these are implemented by the circuit's neuronal and synaptic components is key to understanding how the brain works. Such insights are a necessary step in developing therapies to alleviate disorders of the nervous system.

Neuroscientists at Leeds are actively exploring brain circuits involved in the control of movement, sensation, pain and the regulation of metabolism and autonomic function. They employ a range of cutting edge techniques to interrogate these neural circuits, including high density electrical and optical recordings, computational modelling, optogenetics and behavioural experiments.

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Area of expertise

Dr Samit Chakrabarty
Lecturer in Neuroscience

Sensorimotor neurophysiology, motor control, modulation and plasticity, in-vivo neurophysiology, neurorehabilitation, medical technology 

Dr Ioannis Delis
Lecturer in Motor Control

Neural data science, motor control, decision making, neuroimaging

Professor Jim Deuchars
Professor of Systems Neuroscience

Neuroanatomy, neuronal circuits, immunofluorescence, autonomic, ion channels 

Dr Sue Deuchars
Reader in Neuroscience

Neural circuits, autonomic function, neurogenesis, neuromodulation

Dr Beatrice Filippi
University Academic Fellow in Neuroscience


Professor Nikita Gamper
Professor of Neuroscience

Ion channels, neuronal excitability, nociception and pain 

Dr Jamie Johnston
University Academic Fellow in Neuroscience

Sensory systems, neural circuits, synapses, ion channels 

Dr Ian Wood
Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience