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Molecular Neuroscience

Molecular neuroscience theme

Molecular neuroscience is a focal point of molecular and cellular biology, genetics and neurobiology. It aims to understand, at a molecular scale, how nervous system enables us to control our body, perceive, learn, remember and, ultimately - think. This field of research is well represented across the School of Biomedical Sciences, as well as at the other schools and Faculties at Leeds (Faculties of Biological Sciences, Medicine and Health and Engineering, for example).

We study molecular mechanisms of excitability, synaptic transmission, plasticity and repair within both peripheral and central nervous systems. A particular strength is our expertise in ion channels, which are versatile proteins responsible for ionic currents used by the nerve cells to communicate with each other. Another large, collaborative effort is to unravel molecular mechanisms of disorders of nervous system, such as epilepsy, chronic pain, cognitive and mood disorders. We also study roles of epigenetic mechanisms in physiology and pathophysiology of the nervous system.

Molecular neuroscience at Leeds is a vibrant and rapidly developing area enjoying strong support from the outstanding new facilities such as state-of-the-art CryoEM, the Biostructure Laboratory, bioimaging and molecular interactions core facilities.

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Area of expertise

Dr Steve Clapcote
Lecturer in Pharnacology


Professor Jim Deuchars
Professor of Systems Neuroscience

Ion channels; gap junctions; receptors, neuronal excitability; endogenous stem cells 

Dr Sue Deuchars
Reader in Neuroscience

Ions channels; gap junctions; receptors

Dr Beatrice Filippi
University Academic Fellow in Neuroscience


Dr Rene Frank
University Academic Fellow in Structural Neuroscience

Cryo-electron tomography; neuroscience; mouse genetics; learning and memory; alzheimer's disease; neurodegeneration; synapse biology; glutamate receptor; cryo-electron micoscopy

Professor Nikita Gamper
Professor of Neuroscience

Ion channels; neuronal excitability; nociception and pain 

Dr Lin-Hua Jiang


Dr Jamie Johnston
University Academic Fellow in Neuroscience

Sensory systems; neural circuits; synapses; ion channels 

Dr Jessica Kwok
Associate Professor

Neuronal inhibition; extracellular matrix; glial scar; plasticity 

Dr Jonathan Lippiat

Ion channels; pharmacology; channelopathies

Dr Ian Wood
Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience