Neuroscience research themes

Neurotrauma and repair

Neural trauma theme

The intrinsic regeneration and functional recovery after injury in the central nervous system (CNS) is minimal.

In Leeds, we are interested in deciphering why the CNS has such a limited regeneration ability.

Understanding the underpinning mechanisms will help us to design novel strategies to improve functional recovery through rehabilitation (enhancing function through practice with neuromodulation and robotics), enhancement of neuronal plasticity (enabling new neuronal connections and circuitry reorganisation) and manipulation of neurogenesis (for the production of new neurones and their support cells such as oligodendrocytes and astroctyes).

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Areas of expertise

Professor Jim Deuchars
Professor of Systems Neuroscience

Neurogenesis, neuromodulation, spinal cord

Dr Sue Deuchars
Reader in Neuroscience

Neurogenesis, neuromodulation, spinal cord

Professor Nikita Gamper
Professor of Neuroscience

Ion channels, neuronal excitability, nociception and pain 

Dr Lin-Hua Jiang


Dr Jessica Kwok
Associate Professor

Neuronal inhibition, extracellular matrix, glial scar, plasticity 

Dr Ian Wood
Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience