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Motor Control and Neurorehabilitation

Neuromuscular function labs

Research spans a diverse portfolio and includes understanding the fundamental neural and behavioural mechanisms of motor control, learning and development; elucidating sensorimotor deficits in neurodevelopmental disorders; and promoting motor recovery in various neurological conditions.

To study this, we use a wide range of experimental techniques in both human and animal models, including electromyography (EMG), motion analysis (kinematics), brain stimulation (TMS and tDCS) and peripheral nerve stimulation, coupled with advanced data analysis and modelling methods.

Our long-term goal is to decipher the underpinnings of movement dysfunction, and to develop new approaches for restoration of (sensory-)motor function, in particular locomotion, reaching & grasping and motor coordination, in a variety of clinical populations (e.g. individuals with incomplete cervical spinal cord injury)” (the addition is the words ‘reaching and grasping).

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Area of expertise

Dr Sarah Astill
Motor Control; motor learning; neurodevelopmental disorder; spinal cord injury; neurorehabilitation.  

Dr Laura Britten
Teaching Fellow in Exercise Physiology

Spinal cord injury; upper limb function; kinematics; reaching; grasping

Dr Ioannis Delis
Lecturer in Motor Control

Computational neuroscience; neural data science; motor control; decision making; multisensory integration; neuroimaging; brain/body machine interface; biomedical signal processing; machine learning

Dr Ronaldo Ichiyama
Associate Professor in Motor Control

Neural control of movement; neural trauma; plasticity and axonal regeneration; neurorehabilitation; neural modulation; spinal cord injuries; locomotion

Dr Andrea Utley
Reader in Motor Control and Development

Motor control and development; upperlimb functions; cerebral palsy; DCD; children and physical activity

Affiliate members

Dr Samit Chakrabarty