Sport and Exercise Science research themes

Physical Activity and Public Health

Physical activity and public health theme research within the sport and exercise science research group

Drawing on a multidisciplinary framework, our research evaluates population-level approaches for the promotion of active living and translates this evidence into strategies capable of providing clear public health advice and action.

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Name  Area of expertise
Dr Sarah Astill
Physical activity; older adults; arts and health, exercise and cognitive/neuromotor function   
Professor Karen Birch
Head of School of Biomedical Sciences
Physical activity assessment; exercise science; exercise interventions; flow mediated dilatation; vascular physiology; exercise testing; exercise and female reproductive health; exercise and menopause

Dr Laura Britten
Teaching Fellow in Exercise Psychology

Older adults; physical activity interventions; dance. 

Dr Shaunna Burke
Associate Professor in Exercise and Health Psychology

Psychosocial oncology; behavior change interventions; advanced disease; quality of life; childhood cancer; qualitative research  

Dr Sue Deuchars
Reader in Neuroscience

Spinal cord; neurogenesis; autonomic neuroscience; neuromodulation; electrophysiology; imaging; microneurography

Dr Alison Divine
Lecturer in Sport and Excercise Psychology

Physical activity and exercise; implicit attitudes; the intention behavior gap; habits; self-efficacy; motivation; imagery

Dr Camilla Nykjaer
Lecturer in Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health
Camilla Nykjaer is a Nutritional Epidemiologist with higher education teaching experience in the areas of epidemiology, nutrition and public health.
Dr Andrea Utley
Reader in Motor Control and Development
Motor control and development; upperlimb functions; cerebral palsy; DCD; children and physical activity
Dr Chen-an Yu
Teaching Fellow in Sport and Exercise Psychology
Self-determination theory, accelerometer, theory based exercise intervention in clinical population, structural equation modelling