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Area of expertise

Professor Richard Bayliss
Professor of Molecular Medicine
Molecular chaperones; intrinsically-disordered proteins 

Professor Alex Breeze
Chair in Biomolecular NMR

Molecular chaperones in receptor tyrosine kinase signalling and cancer

Dr Sergei Krivov
RCUK Academic Research Fellow
Free energy landscapes of protein folding and protein aggregation

Professor Sheena Radford
Astbury Professor of Biophysics

Protein folding, misfolding and aggregation in health and disease; outer membrane protein folding; chaperones and folding assistance in vitro and in vivo  

Professor Neil Ranson
Professor of Structural Molecular Biology

Protein folding, misfolding and aggregation; amyloid structure and cytotoxicity; membrane protein folding and transport

Dr Anastasia Zhuravleva
Lecturer in Molecular and Cellular Biology