Faculty of Biological Sciences undergraduate admissions guidance

Faculty of Biological Sciences undergraduate admissions guidance

This page contains additional admissions guidance to support applications to, and enquiries about, undergraduate courses in the Faculty of Biological Sciences. The guidance applies to all undergraduate courses offered by the Faculty of Biological Sciences for 2024/25.

Entry requirements

Advanced entry

The Faculty of Biological Sciences will consider applications from those who are seeking entry to the second year. All applications must be made through UCAS, as per the deadlines outlined in the Application routes and deadlines section below.

To be eligible the applicant must demonstrate that they meet the following criteria:

  • Meet first-year requirements, as detailed on Coursefinder.
  • Have met the learning outcomes of year 1 of the relevant programme.
  • Have achieved a minimum % average in the first year of study.

Decisions on such applications are made by the Academic Admissions Tutor (or other academic lead).

Entry onto Level 3 of the Faculty of Biological Sciences is not permitted.

Application process

Application decisions

We typically receive a high number of applications to our courses in the School of Biomedical Sciences. The number of applicants exceeds the number of places available and so, to ensure that we treat all applications fairly and equitably, we wait until after the UCAS equal consideration application deadline has passed before making a final decision on applications for the following programmes:

  • Biomedical Sciences (BSc and MBiol)
  • Human Physiology, Physical Activity & Health (BSc and MBiol)
  • Neuroscience (BSc and MBiol)
  • Pharmacology (BSc and MBiol) 
  • Sport and Exercise Sciences (BSc)

If we put your application on hold for review after the UCAS application deadline, we will send you an email to let you know. Although you may have to wait longer than usual to receive a decision, you will hear from us by mid-May at the latest, in line with the deadline that UCAS sets universities for making decisions on applications submitted by the January  UCAS deadline.

Offer decisions are made based on an overall review of applications including predicted grades, breadth of knowledge demonstrated through qualifications, personal statement, extra-curricular and work experience, and contextual information. We look for enthusiastic and talented students who have the potential to succeed in their studies with us and contribute to our community.

Internal transfers

The Faculty of Biological Sciences will consider applications from those who wish to transfer internally from other programmes at the University of Leeds, providing they’re made by 31 January 2024 UCAS deadline. Applicants are expected to meet the standard academic entry requirements. Applicants will be expected to discuss their change of programme with the Admissions Team before being accepted. Students wishing to be considered for second year entry should consult the section above for more information on Advanced Entry.


The Faculty of Biological Sciences will consider applications from those who are re-taking examinations prior to entering the University.


The Faculty of Biological Sciences will consider applications for deferred entry. Applicants who wish to defer following the submission of their application must do so prior to commencing the course, but preferably before the confirmation of a place.


The Faculty of Biological Sciences does not require applicants to attend an interview as part of the admissions process.

Applicant assessment

Personal statements and references

Where the applications we receive show very similar academic achievements and predictions, we may use the personal statement and reference in order to differentiate between applicants.

The criteria for assessment will include:

  • Examples of your enthusiasm for the subject
  • Demonstration of an understanding of the programme
  • Work experience and responsible roles you have adopted
  • Evidence of thinking, problem-solving and technical understanding
  • Demonstration of independent learning and teamwork skills

Taught admissions policy

Please see our Taught Admissions Policy 2024/25 for further information.

Contact us

Email: fbsadmissions@leeds.ac.uk