Future Crops: Overview


Future Crops: Resources

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  • Exploiting landraces to understand and utilise wheat diversity

  • Wheat germplasm for enhanced blackgrass competition

  • Regulation of tillering by nitrate availability in wheat

  • Flowering time control in spring wheat

  • Ambient temperature flowering response in wheat

  • Speedy vernalization

  • Frost tolerance in wheat

  • Wheat-rye hybrids

  • Early apex development and yield potential

  • Control of wheat root angle

  • Mycorrhization in wheat

  • Wheat rhizosheath formation and function


  • Soil volume response in barley

Oilseed rape

  • Floral arrest timing in oilseed rape

  • Carpic dominance in oilseed rape

  • Understanding plant spacing responses in oilseed rape

  • Development of CRISPR technology in oilseed rape


  • Control of root angle in sorghum


  • Control of phosphate uptake in millet